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Andreas Wargenbrant is best known for his sculptural works in bronze and marble. As a self-taught teacher, he has always stood alongside formal education and the institutional framework. He works in a postmodernist tradition and examines the provenance of sculpture. Geographically, through the horse, with clear associations with the dala horse, he questions one of our most popular national symbols and poses wonder at what we perceive as Swedish. Aesthetically, in the series “Holes”, in which Wargenbrant examines the genealogy of sculpture, which, even in our time, is often sprung from the demands of modernism. Through its objects, Wargenbrant presents a meta-criticism of our historical and geographical beauty values.

Art Enquiry

Reach out to me with any enquries about my artwork with your Name, Email and Name of the artwork and I will get back to you as soon as possible