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A comprehensive art project in Germany is now about to take shape. About twenty of Germany’s forty four world heritage sites, which is part of the UN agency Unesco, now receives representation in the form of a work of art that can be deduced to the respective world heritage region. These works in different techniques should be significant for each unique world heritage region.

Among the chosen artists, all of whom worked under different themes are the artist Andréas Wargenbrant from Helsingborg Sweden. His sculpture Ocean 1, which visualizes the North German wetland area outside of Hamburg, won an end in fierce competition.

Andréas, who in postmodernist spirit sculptures in marble and bronze is known in the past. for a typical Swedish symbol – our Swedish dalahorses like Wargenbrant gave a modern appearance in monochrome bronze tones and with a highly stylized design language.

On Sunday, September 16th, Andreas Wargenbrant’s bronze sculpture was captured on his own property, the Spritfabriken in Ödåkra – a cultural event on a strong front.

The German jury with internationally renowned South African sculptor Maureen Quin at the forefront, famous for her sculptures by Nelson Mandela and Olof Palme, the Swedish artist / sculptor Dagmar Glemme, also known internationally and German project leader Ulrich Reiman with entourage, closed up.

Inside the design and art shop R + R Sweden, not only did the Ocean 1 sculpture being prepared for transport. Also Dagmar Glemme´s Colorful Bronze Armchair Fargus was prepared for shipment to Germany. Dagmar Glemme who was raised in Germany has honorable representations in two world heritage sites: in Lower Saxony and Hildesheimer Dom. Dagmar, who runs Dagmar Glemme Art Center in Vilshärad, was also elected in the jury for this Unesco pro project, including the Maureen Quin sculpture.

The exhibition will not only be shown in Berlin, but will also be a hiking exhibition in Europe with a stop at the South African Embassy in Cape Town.